Stream of Subconsciousness
Stream of Subconsciousness
Ego, Culture & the Subconscious (podcast)

Ego, Culture & the Subconscious (podcast)

In Episode 108, Simon Brazier, of Truehope Cast, interviews me on the topics of brain function, health, and education.

“Lincoln Stoller is a quantum physicist, neuropsychologist, hypnotherapist, clinical counsellor, psychonaut, mountaineer, author, & educator. He combines science, spirit, and economics by applying an understanding of hard science to imagination, psyche, and the behaviour of groups.”

In this 50 minute interview, we talk about the integration of neurofeedback with psychotherapy.

  • Focusing on the process of awareness.

  • What can we learn from brain training?

  • Medical issues addressed through brain training.

  • What do we commonly misunderstand?

  • Focusing on organs and energy systems.

  • Interoception: becoming aware of being inside your body

  • Awareness of energy function, and the body's healing response.

  • Conjuring the spirits of health and illness, and conversing with them.

  • How much does a person's ego get in the way?

  • What does a people learn when they connect to their spiritual selves?

  • The commitment to purpose and having meaning in life.

  • Achieving a deeper understanding of things your ego disregards.

  • Are we teaching today's young people about commitment and purpose?

  • We have created a risk-free culture that fails to provide engagement.

  • Learning to manage risk trains your brain in a stressful world.

  • Many of today's adults have never gone through a rite of passage.

  • Learning responsibility, finding a role, making a commitment, and finding one’s purpose.

  • Your mind is a way to regulate awareness, not simply control it. Learn to tune your mind.

Truehope is a company dedicated first and foremost to promoting Brain and Body Health through non-invasive, nutritional means. Founded in 1996 by Tony Stephan and David Hardy, the company is completely independent.

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Stream of Subconsciousness
Stream of Subconsciousness
Self-hypnotic explorations of physical and mental health, purpose, self-awareness, self-love, lineage, and ancestry. Building on science, psychology, and spirit. Finding balance in the subconscious mind.