Empathy II (podcast)

The social role of empathy at the root of emotional intelligence.


Empathy II

Emotional and intellectual intelligence are two aspects of a single human intelligence. They are not independent, but they can develop separately.

Emotion emerges from the integration of all that you know. Emotion represents an integrated, visceral experience of what you think. Similarly, what your eyes perceive, and what you think about what you see are complementary aspects of the same thing.

Accept that feeling is a form of intelligence. Accept empathy as being able to understand the feelings of others. Focus on the learning of empathy. We must learn to understand the feelings of others before we can communicate our feelings.

Start by freeing yourself from institutions. This is exactly counter to the institutional trend that we see in the world today. That is to be expected. Structures grow large and display their imbalance before they collapse.

You can only understand people if you feel them in yourself.” —John Steinbeck

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