May 16, 2022 • 51M

Light Body Radio: Lincoln Stoller speaks with Dr. Lara May (podcast)

My interview with Dr. Lara May, Integrative Nutrition & Functional Medicine Specialist

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Self-hypnotic explorations of physical and mental health, purpose, self-awareness, self-love, lineage, and ancestry. Building on science, psychology, and spirit. Finding balance in the subconscious mind.
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Lara May and I recently spoke on mental health and psychedelics. She’s asking questions, I’m answering them. I very much thank Dr. May for hosting me!

   Dr. Lara May, PharmD BCPS APh CFMP
   Lightbody Healing and Consulting
   Integrative Nutrition & Functional Medicine Specialist,
   Master Intuitive Healer & Teacher

Here’s how Lara May describes herself:

Dr. Lara works on the inner and outer principles of health and wellness from a functional, integrative and spiritual perspective... She is a clinical pharmacist & functional medicine specialist, which means she has western medicine knowledge and training. But, she is also master attuned & trained, in both Usui and Angelic Reiki, Angel communication & intuitive channeling.

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